Hunters improves, expands Amazon’s library


Amazon Prime video is fairly new to the streaming game, at least when compared to Netflix, but I would argue they are way more consistent in their quality than most. Netflix seems to just pump out hours of trash content and every once in awhile they get lucky, while Amazon puts out shows that I am constantly interested in. Their shows are quality- they put time and effort into it rather than getting something out to meet a deadline. 


Hunters is the latest show from Amazon and it’s a story about a bunch of Jewish people hunting down and killing Nazis. A pretty fun and straight forward concept, I was just expecting some gory action scenes, some funny one liners and a fun throw away show, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The characters they develop in this show are so interesting and well rounded and I was genuinely surprised how much heart this show had in the beginning. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. 

Around the middle of the season, the show starts to slow down to take time and develop the side characters. Which is great and they did a good job doing it, but I wanted more time with the main character Jonah, played by Percy Jackson, uh I mean Logan Lerman, himself. 

Al Pacino is surprisingly great in this show. He is definitely one of the high points. I think he did a better job in this show than he did in last year’s Irishman. There is an interesting plot twist at the end involving his character and at first I was mad because it felt unearned by the writing in the show, but after finishing the show I feel satisfied and happy with it. 


The show is rated R and has blood, gore and nudity but it all has a purpose- it is not done in vain. In fact, I was expecting much more of it than we got based on the concept of the show I got from the trailers.

The end of the season felt very Game of Thrones in the sense of the way the big final battle was before the last episode and the actual finale was wrapping up character arcs and loose ends. 

The show manages to capture this perfect tone of silly and campy, and serious and sentimental at the same time. My favorite kind of movie and TV shows capture this sort of feeling.

The show is set in the 70’s during the fear of the Soviets and as a result, the US brought Nazis to the US to help. While this show is influenced by real life events, it is not real- it is mostly fiction. In fact, this show has caught controversy because of an inaccurate depiction of the concentration camps in Auschwitz, but it was never the show’s intent to recreate historical events like this.

This show was way better than I expected it to be. Although there were some disappointments like one of the twists at the end feels goofy and does not have the weight the show wanted it to have, the season was framed mainly to set up future seasons. However, I still loved the show for what it was.

Hunters has not been confirmed for a second season but I don’t think there is any way we don’t get more of this show.