Local scholarship deadline this Friday


The College and Career Center has only received four scholarship applications; all four were from the same student. At this time last year, the Career Center had received over 500 scholarship applications. 

College and Career Technician Jacquie Seider recommends that the Class of 2020 takes advantage of the over $100,000 in funds currently available.

“The Career Center is open every single day from 7 to 3:30 for help with getting started with personal essays, with special essays, with those applications,” Seider said. “I’m here to help, so come on class of 2020. Let’s do it.” 

The deadline for scholarship applications is the end of the month. Avid teacher Kelly Capell said students should remember to think of  the hidden costs of college and apply.

“[In community college], even though your classes are free, there’s so many other little charges that come up,” Capell said. “Books, parking, lab fees, little things, even eating when you’re on campus that you don’t think about, so $500 here, $700 there would make a huge difference.”