Scholarship Book opens in College and Career Center


The RHS College and Career Center has opened its annual Local Scholarship Book for seniors to tackle the cost of applying for college – located in the College and Career Center and on the RHS website. The program helps seniors with identifying scholarships of their preference, including athletic, academic, need-based and community service scholarships.   

The Career Center is also considering working with Going Merry to make the scholarship book go online and make the process easier for students. So far, 28 scholarships district-wide and 25 school-wide are available, making a combined 53 scholarships available for the school. 

The scholarship book has been happening annually for over five decades. Jacquie Seider, a college and career center technician, helps organize the program to make sure that everything is included in the book each year. 

“I work on it for about ten months of the year,” Seider said. “Part of that is going out into our community and trying to get more scholarships for the district and for Roseville High School, specifically.. I try to make sure that every single criteria is based on the needs of the student population.” 

Senior Ike Bischof was at the Career Center for the program. He sees the program as a great help for students looking for a scholarship. 

“I think it’s a really great opportunity for students to be able to get all of the resources they need in one place for applying for a scholarship,” Bischof said. “All the scholarships, it’s a really good list that you can just go to and find everything you need”

The feedback for the scholarship book has been positive, with last year’s graduating class earning around $87,000 out of the $218,000 available for the entire district. 

“Every single dollar helps, even with community college being free for most students.” Seider said. “There’s parking and lab fees and all kinds of costs associated with going to college, so every dollar helps.”