Boys volleyball hires new coach Casey Baddley


This upcoming season, Roseville High School hired head coach Casey Baddley for the boys varsity volleyball team.  Baddley has been around the program for many years as his son played his four years of high school.

“My son came through the program and is still involved with volleyball to this day, largely due to the experiences he had at Roseville,” Baddley said. 

The past four years, Roseville has been a dominant team throughout the CVC.  In these years, they have either shared or won the league title, have been a section finalist or won section three of the past four years, the only team in the SJS division to win Norcals, and had the MVP of the league on their team.  Baddley is hoping that the team will be just as successful as they have been in the past.

We will look to continue the standard that has already been set by prior teams,” Baddley said.

Senior volleyball player Sam Angell believes that a new coach will bring a new perspective and new knowledge to the team. 

“I think that having a new coach is definitely going to be good for us because it brings fresh eyes to the way we play and it’s going to be a new experience and we’re going to hopefully learn some new things from him,” Angell said.

Varsity volleyball player senior Parker True believes that although hiring a new coach will take time to adjust, his coaching style will continue the success of previous years.

“Obviously it’s hard to change especially when we had success in the past with our previous coach but I think as far as a new hire goes, Coach Baddley is a really great pick and I think he can bring out the best in us this year,” True said.