EOTSN: February 2, 2020



When participating in a skit for the rally this year, things took an unexpected turn for freshman Brady Ranallo, when he went up for a shoulder bump but was launched in the air falling hard on his shoulder. This resulted in a broken collarbone and Ranallo being kept out of his sport, basketball, for the entirety of the season besides one 0game. He stayed optimistic however, and still went to all the team practices and never complained. 

“When I broke my collarbone it really sucked but I stayed on the bright side because I still have three more years after this,” Ranallo said. “I’m taking this as a minor setback.” 

Ranallo has just been cleared for noncontact practice and his presence has been felt at the practices.  Coach Josh Errecart has recognized that the energy and intensity has increased ever since he has been cleared.  

“After a terrible accident and injury in the few days of the season that sidelined him for the past few months, [Brady] has remained dedicated and positive, and so the entire team is really excited to get him back on the court. It’s awesome to see him back out there with his teammates,” Errecart said. “I’m really proud of how he’s handled this adversity.” 

Ranallo is thankful for the opportunity to be able to play the last game of the season against Yuba City. 

“At least I can play one game and give it everything I got,” Ranallo said.