Painting breathes life into RHS

Since the completion of the ROAR mural on the west side of the library in 2015, the mural club has continued to paint different areas of campus outside of the art wing to bring the Roseville campus to life.

With the addition of the murals in various locations like the portables and cafeteria, the number of murals on campus now stands at five.

According to mural club president, senior Abbie Lavalleur, the mural club’s goal is to add spirit to every part of campus.

“This campus has a lot of culture and in some places it’s kind of blank and bland, even though the people here aren’t blank and bland,” Lavalleur said. “We just wanted to beautify the campus and make it as cultured as the people here.”

The mural club is much more than just painting random designs on walls – it takes a lot of time and effort to figure out what design they want to do and where. 

Similar to the mural in the West 900s building done four years ago, the mural club wants to base every mural off of the classes in that area.  For example, once the finishing touches are put on the mural near the portables, it will feature classes taken in the portables – classes like piano, peer helping and health and safety. The club’s goal is that these murals will help brighten up all corners of the campus and reflect the variety of things we offer and do here at RHS. 

Art teacher and club adviser Patricia Leong noticed that the mural done in the 900s west building effectively brightened the hall. Adding personality to locations on campus then became a large part of mural club’s intent in each of their projects.

“When we did the 900s, it was a place where a lot of students hung out and ate lunch, but the walls were getting very dingy and dreary because of the wear and tear of the building,” Leong said. “By going in and painting murals on the stairs, it made a more inviting and exciting place for you to go into.” 

Over break, mural club began working on a new piece in the cafeteria. The mural features a tiger’s face, lit with an abundance of color. Mural club members pride themselves on the idea that students take the initiative to create the designs they want painted around campus. This makes the murals more personal for each of the members in mural club. Lavalleur, for example, was the mastermind behind the new cafeteria mural.

“I really like the one we’re doing in the cafeteria because that one was my design so it’s kind of special to me,” Lavalleur said.

According to Lavalleur, what keeps the mural club painting isn’t just creating art for fun, but rather the positive feedback and support they get from students and staff.

“I just think it’s really fun to bring color and culture to the campus and people like to see them everywhere and they keep asking for more which makes us feel appreciated because they like what we do,” Lavalleur said.