Parking gives a bad look for athletics, school


Parking, possibly one of the most stressful things when it comes to driving, continues to be a considerable problem at Roseville High School, especially to sports. With the construction of the new small gym, a major parking lot people would use for after school events on Roseville High School’s campus has been taken up by construction. 

The parking during overlapping sporting events has been unpleasant for student athletes, fans, and parents. With only having one parking lot near the baseball field, a softball field, basketball and wrestling gym, and soccer/football field, on some nights there could be up to three or more teams having practice or games at Roseville. 

This causes the so called  “Senior Lot” to overflow as the closest lot, causing some of  the athletes, fans, and opponents to park down the alley and in neighborhoods. Not only is this an inconvenience for them but also for the home owners of the neighborhood homes having to deal with the crowded streets and corresponding traffic.

This leads to parents, players, and fans having to walk great lengths to get to their destination, whether that’s Hanson Field or the Moeller Gym.  Not only is this an inconvenience, it also portrays Roseville High School badly to our neighboring schools and opponents. 

For a lot of opponents it could be their first time arriving and visiting Roseville High. Their first experience at Roseville is trying to find parking in a hectic over crowded lot to most likely not finding a spot and having to drive down the alley and parking in a neighborhood. 

We’re infamously known as the school without parking, but now without the extra lot behind the gym, there’s even less parking. This would leave a bitter aftertaste in their mouths when it comes to Roseville. As a student of Roseville High School it bothers me when people have a negative outlook on our school and it’s embarrassing. 

Yes parking as it is is a problem for students, but when it’s affecting people who don’t even attend the school, that’s when something has to change, even if it’s just specifying spots for athletes.