BRIEF: Guitar classes continue to adjust to construction


Due to the construction and relocation in the portables, the advanced guitar class moved into the band room and the stage in the cafeteria. Now, advanced guitar teacher Michael Austin is taking steps to make the new location feel like home. 

“There is a whole class of guitar students that haven’t been in the band room and it was this seperate room for the band kids only so there’s a lot of band stuff,” Austin said. “Also things about musical instruments that had nothing to do with the guitar so that was the biggest adjustment and going into this semester I had to make a few new changes incorporating the guitar more into the band room.”

Senior Abby Edmondson said the new classroom can come with its downsides and new experiences. 

“We have to move and get everything out of the way because there is no designated space for us because we share it with the band room and with wrestling and cheer, we have to move the mat sometimes,” Edmondson said. “That definitely makes it hard because we have to put away the drums, get all our equipment and put it away were as in [portable 43] we could just leave it there because it was our designated space. So we get less time playing and more time setting up.”