Junior David Silva implements league for RHS video game club


Sports first comes to mind for many when they think of the idea of a “league” or a “power ranking”. For junior David Silva however, he imagines the clicking of video game controllers in a crowded room.

Silva regularly participates in Smash Bros. events, from club tournaments held behind the doors of room 901 to annual majors attended by popular players around the world.

Typically, these tournaments are a part of a larger league, separated into “seasons” throughout the year and placing each player in a power ranking, or a PR, based on their performance.

In an attempt to increase the competitive spirit of the RHS video game club, Silva implemented a league for its players as well. With the club’s second season currently underway, he aims to host more tournaments in the future.

“I will be doing a new season of the PR, which means you could possibly get top five if you keep entering our tournaments,” said Silva.

Senior and Adrian Rubio hopes that the league will sustain in the club even after Silva’s time in RHS.

“There aren’t that many kids that are like David,” said Rubio. “[He’s] a very hard-working person…and if he finds the right student, then keeping the PR alive [would] just be overall beneficial for the club.”

Tournaments for the video game club occur after school, with Silva aiming for a weekly schedule along with his trips with other club members to tournaments outside the campus.