Students explore career opportunities at fourth annual career fair


On Friday, January 10th, students gathered in the Moeller gym for the annual RHS career fair. 

Sophomores and Seniors spent about 40 minutes in the gym exploring possible career options. Representatives from various businesses set up booths to educate students about the requirements and duties for these careers that they could pursue. These careers featured included Roseville Parks and Recreation, the police force, and various positions in the medical field. 

College and Career Center Technician, Jacqueline Seider, believes that the fair is a great source of information for students. 

“Students can ask local businesses, schools, and community members just real questions about what they like about their job, pathways they should follow or not follow, what the job outlook is, salaries, education, all of those things that lead the students in the direction of the pathway that they want to go into,” Seider said. 

Sophomore Max Wyles thinks that the fair is a good way for students to know what they want to do in the future. 

“It’s still a pretty young age to know what you want to do later on in life, but it gives you a good idea… I’ve seen a lot of people know after this, it’s pretty cool,” Wyles said.