Junior Michael Guamend has played guitar for eight years. During this time, it has become more than a hobby- it’s become his passion and walk of life.

– Megan Huber


When did you start playing? (what got you into it?)
3rd grade, I saw a video of Stevie Ray Vaughn playing and I’ve wanted to be him since.

Why do you play guitar? (What inspires you to keep playing?)

It’s my passion and I love playing the guitar in every aspect.

What has been your favorite moment so far?
Getting the chance to play with popular and well known musicians in a live setting.

What is the greatest reward with playing guitar and performing?
The accomplishment of learning new songs and styles.

What is the most difficult part of performing?
The first song I play, after that the nerves are gone.

Do you see yourself playing in the future? If so, in what capacity?
I fully plan on making a profession out of music whether as a teacher or as an artist.

What lessons have you learned from playing guitar that will help you in your future endeavors?
Through playing guitar I’ve learned that time and dedication dictates success rather than natural talent.

Who’s a guitar player that inspires you? Why?
John Mayer inspires me heavily, He is a great guitarist, singer, and performer and I look up to him for inspiration.

Who’s your favorite musician? Why?
Stevie Ray Vaugh, He is one of the greats and his vicious yet soulful play style has never been replicated ever, I could only strive to be as close as good as he was.