RJUHSD to implement Chromebook docks


Beginning this year, RJUHSD will install Chromebook docks around its campuses.

These docks would provide students with a 24-inch HD monitor that displays their Chromebook in a larger screen while also fast charging it. An external mouse, keyboard, and USB ports will also be provided for a more desktop-like experience. The docks would connect through a USB-C port, allowing newer HP Chromebooks and laptops used by students and staff to utilize them.

Currently, RJUHSD is in the process of delivering six of these units to each school as a “trial” to gauge student feedback and determine the plan of action for potential installations in the future based on the use of this one. According to computer science teacher Bradlee Crockett, along with providing students with more flexibility on their Chromebooks, the implementation of the docs would also allow the district to save costs as they are used as an alternative for full desktop systems.

“If students already have Chromebooks, then buying additional hardware for PCs for students to sit down at…it’s just expensive. It’s redundant hardware,” Crockett said. “It could save the district a lot of money in the long run.”

Despite this, a full replacement of the desktop computers already installed in the schools is currently not possible, as programs such as engineering and media production require specific software only found in Windows.

According to RJUHSD director of technology services Tony Ham, this would not limit other programs that do not require software, with basic tasks still possibly improving productivity through the use of the docks.

“If you have a subject matter that’s strictly more [involving] of teachers using larger screens and doing word processing, then [Chromebook docks] would be an option for this scenario,” Ham said.