Students, admin must find balance


Throughout the past few years, the Tiger Cage – also known as the Moeller Maniacs – has not had nearly the amount of support the school should want at every game. 

This year, however, that has changed. For the Tigers first two home games, the Moeller Maniacs have had an abundance of students and support.

But after the second game, a problem started to surface. School administrators and others in charge began to keep a closer eye on the students, due to the remarks being made by fans while cheering. As the third game came around, the student section attendance was nearly cut in half. 

I would think administration would rather have more support there than nobody showing up because what they say is “too offensive.” 

As I talked to many athletes on the boys basketball team they said that when there is a big crowd, it motivates the team just a little bit more to play better and get the win for the fans that are there.

Yes, I see both sides of this here, but I truly feel like there needs to be a balance. Administrators needs to be more lenient and let the students talk, but also the students need to understand that they are lines they cannot cross. 

But, I feel like shutting them down in general or saying you can come but not talk is not any better and will make kids not want to go. The last thing that we want is no students at the games. 

I feel “trash talking” is a big thing in sports nowadays and it’s not being disrespectful. Most of the players understand that what the fans are saying is harmless. It’s all fun and games and nothing students say is meant to be taken in a personal way.

If school administration takes a stand here and says no talking from the student section because they’re being “disrespectful,” where does that stop? Next thing you know is that they’ll only allow students to clap at games. 

They’re ruining the culture of the student sections. Cheering is a way to make the game fun for us students.

Especially when they are losing or its a close game, I feel like the cheering helps the players to stay in the game. 

So, personally I feel the way that administration is attacking this is not in a positive way. They can control us, but I don’t think they should ask us to not talk or not to come.