BROADCAST: December 17, 2019

In this decennial edition of Eye of the Tiger, anchors Megan Huber and Cam Medrano recap the last decade of EOT. Reporter John Varlamov explores a new course rigor offered at RHS, dual enrollment. Tiger tutoring has seen an increase in attendance. The number of students attending sessions has nearly doubled. To adapt, the center is adding an additional tutor on Thursdays while under supervision of Adriana Brooks. One RHS senior strikes up a passion for bowling. AVID seniors injected some holiday spirit into their classrooms, under the unifying theme of 2020 vision, Dean Gadway’s avid class put up a Christmas tree containing their aspirations and plans for the future. Everyone has a favorite Christmas jingle. Whether its something you sing along to every time it’s on the radio or just a pervasive song that gets stuck in your head. One junior is more dedicated to their favorite than most.