Kelly Capell named RHS Teacher of the Year


The Roseville High School staff selected Kelly Capell as RHS’ nominee for teacher of the year. Capell teaches English and AVID and contributes to the RHS community as the advisor of thrift club, FBLA and CSF. 

English teacher Denise Weis has worked with Capell since she started at RHS, and appreciates the devotion she has to her students and work. 

“I was honestly so happy when I saw the email come out that she was our nominee. I’m super proud of her,” Weis said. “She’s a hard worker. She’s a big contributor to our department. She contributes to our PLTs. She’s super organized. She really cares about the kids. She puts a lot of her heart into what she does and she’s really deserving of this.”

Senior Dailynn Consulo has Capell for AP Lit, and said that though reading and socratics are not her favorite normally, Capell makes them more exciting and encourages her to participate. 

“[Her class] is so nice and loving. Her personality is so inviting and it helps me ask questions more freely,” Consulo said. “She’s also very funny, so it keeps class entertaining. She totally deserves it. I think she should definitely get the award.”