Tiger Cage enjoys a strong season


During this past football season, the student cheering section – better known as the Tiger Cage – was a huge hit, drawing tons of people to the games to watch their antics as they cheer on their team. From holding up a shoe and doing pushups on a table, they have done it all. 

The Tiger Cage gets into the heads of refs and players with their signs and chants. It’s a ton of fun sitting up there cheering on your school and getting crazy. The Tiger Cage leaders Dylan Ranallo and Dylan Rose have been able to get everyone to show up and get rowdy, as they have used all kinds of props to get the cheering going. The way that the seniors have been able to elevate the rowdiness that is the Tiger Cage is incredibile. 

The Cage is immersive and amazing. From playing Tic Tac Toe and screaming Arby’s we have the meats for no reason, it’s truly special and no other student section is quite like it. Even when the team had a road game against Oakmont, students travelled to the game and created the “No Zone” a play on Oakmont’s “O Zone.” 

The Tiger Cage uses many different props such as mega phones, cowbells, and tables to their advantages its extremely fun to watch. They have used a baby doll and signs too. It’s hilarious and it gets in their opponents heads and that’s the goal. As long as the students don’t get too aggressive and stay within lines there should be no reason to stop and they should keep it rolling into basketball season.

Everyone has a blast with it – except the opponents. Players feed off of it as well inspiring them to keep going. The energy the crowd brings inspires everyone to work hard and keep going. The way they also include the cheerleaders in their chants and actions works too for example the flips gets them riled up its all around a group effort. 

Compared to last year, it has been a huge step up and makes everyone want to get involved. Its louder, crazy and all around a great time for everyone involved. The props have brought it to a whole new level.

Hopefully next year the juniors can keep the same energy and even make it better. Last year it was still a good time and it was loud but this year it’s special it’s truly an experience. Every student at Roseville should be out there showing school spirit and cheering on their team.