Medical club takes photo for No Shave November



RHS students join medical club to take photo for No Shave November.


The RHS medical club took on No Shave November, a month-long event to raise awareness and money for cancer treatments. People forgo shaving and hair treatments and donate the money they would have spent to help people with cancer. 

The club and students in the general RHS community joined together to take a photo for No Shave November in the amphitheater Monday. According to sophomore Gavin Valdemoro, medical club focused on men’s cancer, such as prostate and testicular cancer.

“People go through the whole month without getting haircuts, using facial products, or just shaving in general, and it supports cancer,” Valdemoro said. “I have a friend who has cancer, and I thought it would be good to raise awareness and show that we all care.”

No Shave November participant Hailey Rodac has had personal experiences that shape why she decided to participate in the event.

“Cancer is something that affects a lot of people,” Rodac said. “I’ve had family members and loved ones and friends that have been hit by cancer, so to be able to show that I have support for them means a lot.”