PIEDAD: The sun never rises in 900 East building




Whether you’re a freshly blooming freshman or a battle-scarred senior, there’s no denying that the 900 buildings prove to be the foundation of almost everyone’s schedule. After all, essential (and required) subjects like English, science, and foreign language dwell in these twin foundations of classrooms, separate but united like a duplex.

And like a duplex, they’re not exactly the most equal in terms of quality.

As a senior, I’ve found the 900 buildings to be a memorably tranquil but chaotic place in a sense. When I’m not struggling to get out of the buildings during passing period, getting hit by opening doors, they’re my place of refuge against the wicked snares of the outdoors. 

I don’t expect them to be the moniker of cleanliness in the campus, but for a building with the most integral classes in every level, it doesn’t present itself as such. The sun rises from the east, but it only gets darker in 900 East with all the unmaintained trash around it at any given time.

It’s almost difficult to pay close attention to the trash levels of the 900 East building with the fumes of ranch dressing blanketing the area, but the occasional plastic lunch boxes and scraps of food don’t leave the tastiest impression on both the school’s buildings and food.

There’s an image to be painted on the sight of people eating lunch and conversing on the stairs with two signs that say “THIS AREA IS OFF-LIMITS DURING LUNCH” within the same perspective. 

This happens in both buildings more often than it should, but the east building appears to be the better salad magnet.

Perhaps it’s the west building’s mural that gives the life and character necessary for such an important location, compared to the lifeless and monochromatic prison of the east building. There’s something to be considered when the east side lives up to its name despite its pride of being the newer building of the two.

The root of success also includes some comfort and convenience in the journey, so how is it possible that we’re able to tolerate this level of maintenance while still getting work done?

They are the unspoken symbol and the main highlight of the campus, yet they also represent one of the most rancid and unpleasant areas to be around at any time. Perhaps this represents what the maintenance and student respect is throughout the school. 

This area is off-limits during lunch. Sure, there are signs about it…but the main enforcement of this seems to be in the musty hallway, littered with today’s order of taco salad and questionably-flavored water.