Hobbyist casts line to fishing passion



Fishing is a family habit. Leahy, who now commonly fishes for sport, learned through his dad.


There’s a tug on the fishing line. Then another. Quickly, with the smooth movements of an experienced fisherman, Neil Leahey reels in the catch. 

Senior Neil Leahey discovered his passion for casual fishing years ago after being taught to fish at a young age by his father.  

“My dad inspired me to go,” Leahy said. “He would [always] take me when I was younger.”

Since then, he’s been sinking plenty of time into the sport. In fact, most of his free time is spent fishing for fun. 

From creek to pond, Leahy reels in his catches during a fishing trip with his friends.

Leahy enjoys the act of finding new fishing spots as much as he enjoys the catch itself. He spends much of his time exploring with friends, and goes from creek to pond to creek again all around Roseville in an effort to catch the perfect fish. 

As Leahy slowly developed his talents for catching fish, he started going fishing in exotic locations. Leahy’s  most successful catch occurred during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, where he caught got ahold of a 100 pound sailfish.

Leahy surrounds himself with good fishermen who share information and tips amongst themselves in an effort to better their fishing abilities. 

Among the many friends Leahy has who share his hobby, fellow fisherman Cameron Jones enjoys attending peaceful fishing trips with his friend. Jones has been fishing with Leahy on many occasions. In their time together, they’ve caught quite a few fish including “5-6 pounders,” according to Jones.