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Art Wing

November 15, 2019

Multicultural Day highlighted many aspects of culture one may not think about when viewing culture. One of these wonders was held within the Art Wing at RHS. Chalk drawings and face painting were a few of the interactive exhibits hosted in the wing.

The Art shown was a way to mimic the likes of ancient Native American art, in the case of Chalk Drawings, making use of cultural symbols to help enrich student’s drawings. These symbols helped give each student’s art meaning beyond the visuals.

Some students were able to make use of this, utilizing each and every symbol to make something not only visually appealing but also meaningful. 

A student has her face painted by art students. Art students offered a wide view of cultural art.

The face painting gave students the ability to have a countries flag painted on their faces, hands or arms not only giving a visual of something that represents a country but also giving students opportunities to talk about these meanings with the art students that volunteered for the job.

The Art wing of multicultural day showed students a different aspect of culture giving them chances to leave their mark on the school event. One that will surely last until next year’s event.


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