GUEST PIECE: Unnecessary logistical stress mars enjoyment of event


When the RJUHSD School Board proposed the graduation venue move to the Placer Valley Event Center, they offered a biased pro/con list which included pros such as extra tickets and air conditioning. Although the idea of a ticket increase is appealing, the proposed time of a Friday morning graduation offers obstacles for many students and their families. What’s the point of extra tickets if family can’t attend the proposed time? 

As I began my senior year, I never imagined graduating any place but Hanson Field. But once the RJUHSD School Board made their decision to move graduation, I had to accept the fact that I wouldn’t be walking across the Hanson Field like my mother, father and grandfather. 

Once Roseville High School was assigned the 11 a.m. graduation slot, I immediately called my family and told them to mark their calendars. I was later met with disappointment when I was told they couldn’t attend my graduation due to my cousin promoting from middle school at the same time, on the same day.  

I, myself, have an extremely small, tight knit family. I’m a third generation Roseville High School Student and was anticipating the day my family got to see me graduate from the same place they did. Not only do they not get to see me walk across Hanson field, they don’t get to see me walk the stage at all. 

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to think about how I won’t be able to share such a special day with some of the most important people in my life. I’m sure I’m not alone in this heartbreak. 

Although the School Board guarantees a livestream for all the comprehensive high schools in the district, it’s not quite the same experience as your family being present for the graduation ceremony. You don’t get to embrace your family members after the ceremony is over; you don’t get to hear your name shouted as you walk across the stage. 

An 11 a.m. graduation on a Friday is simply not plausible for working parents. When the topic of graduation came about, the board was considering a Friday/Saturday graduation. Holding the graduation ceremonies on a Friday evening and throughout the day on Saturday would’ve eliminated huge issues when it comes to family attendance. 

I feel as if many details were overlooked when making this decision. As more information comes out regarding graduation, the more rushed and disorganized the whole situation seems. A lot of important graduation details such as graduation practice and sober grad night seem hazy and uncertain.

Many questions are being raised in regards to Roseville obtaining the 11 a.m. slot. In the past, students have had to arrive to graduation two hours before the ceremony starts, is it a possibility we would as well? Does that mean we have to arrive at 9 a.m.? When will graduation practice be held?  What about sober grad night? Will it still be at night?  

It’s not an amazing feeling to be the guinea pig for your own graduation. Graduation is something we’ve all worked extremely hard for and sacrificed sleep and mental health in order to achieve. This day should be a day of celebration, not a day that creates stress or uncertainty. 

The shift from a 7 p.m. graduation to an 11 a.m. time not only creates uncertainty about graduation events, but also makes attendance an inconvenience for family members who work a 9-5 job. No matter how “early” we received the notice about our graduation times, an 11a.m. graduation prevents many families from attending the ceremony. But hey, what about those extra tickets we get?