Twins explore ‘A Whole New World’



This was Hannah and Emily Brandt’s third time visting a Disney expo. The twins explored the behind-the-scenes event through the eyes of avid fans, following suit in a generational family tradition.


Disney, in general, is a company to be loved. The animations they create hold passion and display character of the company.

The Brandt family has made a connection to Disney that has lasted through a generation. First it was their parents, now it’s handed to seniors, Hannah and Emily Brandt, to cherish the content that Disney creates.

The Brandt’s love for Disney spans beyond the movies and theme parks. It extends to going to the movies and watching the shows and to venturing to the different plays and events that they hold.
Most recently they attended to the Disney 23 convention, where they saw new Disney material extending to the new and upcoming things from the five different studios that are owned by Disney, the haunted house’s and Ken Anderson’s backstory, and a live action adaptation of Aladin.

“So much happened,” Hannah said. “You can see these panels and you can see stars come out on stage and they talk about upcoming Disney stuff that only people at the convention will know about and then they have this expo floor that you can walk around and you can get free stuff and view different booths.”

The first panel had high expectations due to its “line” that was held for it the night before. In reality it was a basement to get a little rest and under a roof till the time of the event comes.
“We were taken to a basement where you queue for the panel, so we were there all night in the basement waiting till the next morning to see the panel,” Emily said.

The first panel was also secretive, to the point where they had to stow away their phones in fear that someone would leak something meant for the future.

“We had to seal our phones in a bag and people would walk up and down the aisle making sure no one would take their phones out,” Hannah said

According to both Hannah and Emily, there was a lot to see at these panels, yet they were able to grab small free stuff that, as “Disney Fanatics” needed.

“We were mainly there to see the panels, so we barely on the floor but we managed to get a couple of free things,” Hannah said. “We got these posters and then we got pin and other little things”
The Brandt sisters also enjoyed the presentation for the Aladdin adaptation, which used the voice of Aladdin to talk about the new events planned for Broadway shows and other projects.

“Aladdin was pretty cool to see, Hannah said. “The voice of Aladdin was there and he would bring out people like the live action Aladdin, upcoming Broadway Aladdin, the voice of Jasmine from Disney California Adventure, and some of them would do performances and we got to see footage from behind the scenes and a blooper reel for the live action Aladdin.”