The Chef Show Vol. 2 continues to cook up great episodes


The movie Chef(2014) is one of the most heartfelt, feel good movies in recent years and it definitely stands out. It has this amazing quality that is hard to achieve and is very unique to this movie, is that it has a rewatchability factor to it. It is guaranteed to put you in a good mood every single time you watch it and those movies are hard to find because they are so personal to you.

Everybody has a movie or tv show that they connect to that might not necessarily be their favorite movie of all time but it makes you happy in a special way and that is what Chef  is for me.

It is a fictional story of a chef who opens a food truck and travels across the US and that allows him to connect with his son in a new way. And it is a very simple story but it does it so authentically and takes so much care of the idea of what it means to be a chef.

I am obviously not a chef but after watching and listening to the people who worked on this movie you know how truly it depicted the food industry.

Then the same people who made that movie decided to make a reality tv show where they go on the road and cook with chefs and actors.

Jon Favreau, the man responsible for Iron Man, Elf, and Jungle Book just to name a few,  created this show but something that the show sheds light on is where he got the inspiration. It partly comes from chef Roy Choi owner of the famous food truck Kogi, also a pioneer in the food truck industry, who helped make them as prominent as they are today.

The first season of the show has been out on Netflix for awhile, releasing earlier this year, but last weekend, the second volume of the show came out and I was really excited to see that they are having new episodes so soon because I really enjoyed the first wave of episodes.


This show is not the movie and that’s a good thing. This is something new that has a similar tone as the movie, and every episode is different. It highlights a new chef or chefs almost every episode and the other episodes are the hosts cooking with their friends.

Like for example the first episode of Volume 2 was just the two hosts cooking with Seth Rogan and last season had an episode where they ate dinner with Robert Downey Jr.,Tom Holland and the creators of Infinity war while they were making the movie and it was interesting to see the conversation of how they all know each other.

There is something for everybody, people interested in cooking or people who loved the tone of the movie and want a hint of that world, and I enjoy both. There is a true value of knowledge of learning how to make good food or laughing at funny people.


I look forward to sitting down every night to eat my dinner to whatever episode of the show I am watching because I thoroughly enjoy they people on the show and I have actually learned not only about making food but more importantly how to respect your food.