VARLAMOV: Construction breeds discontent on campus


Roseville’s campus is known for a lot of things, its complicated network of classrooms and its unique campus culture; Roseville is unarguably an entity to be reckoned with.

However, as of last Spring, Roseville welcomed a new (and, some would say, unwelcome) guest. 

You are walking from the culinary wing, muffin in hand, hurriedly making the commute to the portables. The cadence of clinking metal match those of your footsteps, and the occasional screech or squeal proves a constant reminder of construction on campus. The rancid stench of waste is something you’ve smelled way too often. On top of all of this, the intrusive presence of large wire fences is a huge obstruction to student traffic. 

Some students now required to walk around the construction area have been late before, many more than once. Personally, I walk all the way from Portable 33 to Culinary. Due to the construction, my teacher and I have come to the agreement that I am allowed to be one minute late. 

For others this isn’t the case. 

Teachers expect students to be on time to class when it simply isn’t feasible. Short of teleportation, there is little else I can imagine that would get me to my class on time. Without stopping for the restroom, some students are still unable to reach their destination within the six minute time restraint. Assuming that they don’t go to the bathroom on the way, students are then forced to choose timeliness over the integrity of bathroom passes or their own physical health. The question remains : who is to blame for this?

There isn’t anything we could do about the construction, it has to be done, even though it is the result of a large amount of inconveniences around campus. But punishing students for something that is out of their control is unacceptable.

Teachers refusing to compromise are causing an abundance of problems. These impossible standards for timeliness are ruining teacher student chemistry. Students who feel powerless, choose to give their teacher a hard time when repeatedly inquired about why they’re late. 

I don’t blame them. It truly is out of their control.