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Google’s Stadia paves the path for the future in gaming

September 5, 2019

Let’s face it, gaming is very expensive. With the rising price of consoles and games being released more and more frequently, the cost of maintaining a new console and getting the newest games is insanely costly. In an attempt to possibly combat this problem, Google has recently unveiled its newest project: Stadia, a pseudo gaming console. 

Now, Stadia isn’t just a normal gaming console; Stadia works by streaming the games straight to your phone, TV, tablet or anything else that you could stream something on.

By streaming the games to you, Google avoids having to put all of the hardware into the console and just stores all of the hardware in servers. This also bypasses any hardware caps that a system may have.


While this sounds like there could be no downsides, there are a few things that Stadia makes me worry about. Since the games are streamed to your device, it puts a massive strain on your internet connection and depending on how good your internet is, it may make games practically unplayable. 

However, Google claims that you only need a measly 10 mbps internet connection to play games at 720p, and while that may be true, I imagine the quality of the games will not be too good.

Google has been incessantly talking about “the power of the cloud” and the unbelievable things that may be achieved through the power of Google servers. They have talked of thousand player servers and multiplayer games with truly infinite space, which is really exciting, 

Stadia is currently priced at $129 for the Founder’s Edition of the system, which includes three months of Stadia Pro, Google’s subscription service that adds free games monthly; an additional controller will cost $69. 

Despite the possible drawbacks that this system may have, this is a huge step in making gaming more affordable and accessible for everyone, although Stadia will not be available in Hawaii or Guam.

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