PLTW internship helps biomed students experiment in real-world science


RHS students received twelve of the 40 spots available at the Project Lead the Way Perry Initiative, an internship opportunity that provides hands-on experience in biomedical science. The Perry Initiative is inviting young women to work at Shriners Hospital and practice modern surgical techniques. 

Students will be able to hear motivational speeches from female doctors and get their foot in the door at Shriners Hospital. Recipient Abby Thompson said she believes that this internship will give her the opportunity to help her decide on a career she wants to pursue. 

“[The initiative] will give me an insight because I am not really sure what I want to do in the medical field, so it will give me an insight to what there is out there and maybe open up a few more doors,” Thompson said. “And we get to speak with ladies that are higher up in surgery and we get to see their opinion on it.” 

According to Thompson, PLTW teacher Erin Granucci has greatly impacted the students by giving them the chance to participate in off campus internships. 

“Granucci has really helped give us the opportunity to sign up for these things,” Thompson said. “Without her we would have no idea these things are out there.” 

Granucci said she believes that the Initiative is a great way for students to learn and would be a great experience for the students to have. 

“The Perry Initiative, as far as being an instructor in something like this is really cool towards the girls because you don’t get these opportunities very much. It’s also free,” Granucci said.  “We do have kids who have the passion and the skill to do [the initiative]. And so I think the Perry Initiative is really special because it really is open to anybody but you have to learn how to apply.”

Granucci hopes that more people will want to apply next year after seeing twelve Roseville High girls occupy the 40 spots of the initiative this time around.