New culinary teacher adds new flavor to program


Students in the RHS culinary program have a new teacher to spice things up in the kitchen. Elizabeth Skylar joined long-time culinary teacher Angela Ash this year to teach culinary 2 and 3. Skylar said she hopes to get to know the program and add a dash of her own flavor. 

“I bring a lot of industry experience into the culinary program and a lot of teaching experience,” Skylar said. “I don’t know if I’m going to improve it necessarily because it’s a pretty strong program as it is now. I think I’m going to add to it. I think I’m going to add my style.” 

Skylar has had her share of prior teaching experience, having spent the last 15 years teaching at a variety of cooking programs and public health agencies, and coming straight off from teaching the hospitality program in Fairfield last year. For kids and adults interested in learning to cook, she said she believes the key ingredient is keeping an open mind. 

 “A lot of adults coming into cooking classes don’t have experience and don’t have preconceived ideas,” Skylar said. “I think that’s true of most students that are in K-12. You’re in a learning mode so you’re very open to try new things. I think that’s the best part of it.”