Students write letter, ask admin for dress code clarification


Students in government teacher Jessica Fork’s fourth period class drafted and sent a letter to administration asking for revaluation and clarification on the dress code, after students said they were coded for clothes they did not know were violations. The letter referred to coding for bralettes and small shirt straps despite neither being included on the actual dress code. 

After receiving the letter, principal Nicholas Richter stopped by the class to talk to students. Richter explained the code in further detail and acknowledged some cases where students should not have been dress coded. Richter said he appreciates the effort students made to communicate with administration.

“As students move into the future, if you want to see change, write those letters to whoever the leaders are,” Richter said. “That’s how you start to affect change. It was really awesome to see students participating in a civic way in our school and it’s a great way to get feedback from students.”

According to Richter, if students feel they did not violate the dress code in the future, they should ask to speak to an assistant principal. 

Fork helped the students edit the letter, gave students who wanted to the chance to sign it and let the class take it up to the office as a real life practice in government. 

“How else are you going to get passionate about government if you don’t actually do it?” Fork said. “I’m all about them becoming passionate and finding their voice and learning how they can contribute and I thought that this was the perfect way to do that.”