Roseville hires new varsity football coach


This season, the Roseville Tigers will be hitting the turf with a new coach. Former coach Larry Cunha was replaced after being put on administrative leave, he coached 26 years for the Tigers. Coach Joe Cattolico has took his place, Cattolico has had 20 years of experience under his belt coaching. He’s racked up a total of 20 years of coaching, beginning in his hometown San Jose. 8 years later he made the move to Pleasant Grove high school and stayed there for nine years. When he transferred to Sheldon High School, his team went 27-9 over the three years he was there. 

Cattolico has won a total of eight championships in his career coaching. He won four league title at Pleasant Grove High School and a Sac-Jaquin section division one title. His 2011 Pleasant Grove team was the last team to beat Folsom High School in a league contest.

Cattolico’s father, Butch Cattolico, coached a total of 41 years at Los Gatos high school, and being head coach for 26 of those years. His father will be joining hm on the coaching staff for this Roseville high school season as an assistant coach.

Cattolico stepped down as the head coach at Sheldon High School, later deciding to move his family up to the Roseville area. 

New RHS football coach Joe Cattolico as he watches the first home game of the season. The Tigers went on to win 35-0.

According to Cattolico this decision was made off the fact that he thought Roseville would be the best place possible to raise his kids, with the great environment Roseville provides.

“We made a decision to move out here for really, our kids, we thought moving out here would be a positive for them, and be something to help them grow and develop in a great environment,” Cattolico said

Last season, the Tigers had an overall record of 3-7 last season, Cattolico has a goal to obviously improve that but most importantly make them better kids.

“We do the best we can to raise young men of character,” Cattolico siad. “Who are going to go on and be successful as adults, and I feel super honored to be able to share the love of football with my family.”

Varsity football players, Tomas Robles and Tyler Rohwer, enjoy Cattolico’s coaching style and believes he is helping improve their level of play.

“Coach Cattolico, he’s a great guy, great coach. Knows a ton about football, very smart man,” Robles said. “He has changed everything on our offense, our defense, everything. We are just stepping it up now a whole new game we are playing.”

“Everyone is more bought in this year, and wants to be better this year and be great. He has made us confident enough that we are going to be great,” Rohwer said.

Getting better everyday is a big philosophy that Coach Cattolico goes along side with, everyday is a new day and after everyday you should be better than before.

“We really rely on daily improvement everyday, and coming out everyday and getting better as a football player and better in life as a person,” Cattolico said. “We feel that this philosophy can transfer over to their daily life and hopefully into their future as adults.”

Cattolico and the Roseville Tigers took on the Bear Creek Bruins in their first game of the season, and first home game last Friday the 23rd. The Tiger’s came out on top with an overwhelming victory of 35-0. The Tigers now stand at 1-0 and will take on our out-of-league rival, the Oakmont Vikings this Friday the 30th