Sugar + Cream boasts hip style, unique sweets




If your sweet tooth ever comes calling, look no further than cute and delicious ice cream parlor Sugar + Cream. 


Located in the Roseville Galleria Mall, the small kiosk is an adorable, chic spot just outside of the food court.

They specialize in ice cream, but take it to many different levels, all of which I appreciated. On the menu, you can get many different ice cream scoops and flavors, but they also take a twist on it. Instead of just your basic ice cream scoops (which you can get), they offer ice cream filled donuts and macarons, along with a decent selection of smoothies.

One of their specialty items, the Ponchik, includes two powder-sugar-covered, deep-fried donuts with ice cream in the middle. And if you don’t want ice cream with it, you can order just the donut. While they are unfortunately only served on the weekends, because of school starting and their lack of customers during weekdays, it is worth your time to taste it for yourself.

Another one of their weekend special items are ice cream macarons. They have the large macaron shells, with your choice of ice cream as the filling. I was especially excited for this item, but was upset to find out that they weren’t available.

For the ice cream, they had very unique flavors, including a bright blue bubblegum and a lavender colored taro.

I ordered four macarons – without ice cream – but was a little disappointed with the price. I understand that they are difficult to make, but at almost three dollars for one, it seemed over priced.

Besides the price, they were very enjoyable. I got red velvet, vanilla lavender, raspberry and cookies & cream. Each one had its own unique and defined flavor, and they had the perfect amount of filling on the inside. Plus, the colors were adorable.

I was with a few friends who ordered the cookies & cream ice cream and the caramel chocolate crunch, and they both loved the flavors, but my favorite part was the cool spoons. The spoons would change from a light to hot pink as you ate them – a cute touch for the already chic parlor.

I would definitely recommend this parlor to a friend. With all of their different options, it is perfect for everyone.