Blank Banshee remasters old era music




They did it, it’s finally here, but is it good?

Recently artist Blank Banshee released remastered versions of  two albums from his former band. Before Blank Banshee went solo in 2011, he was a bassist in his band known as Shinjuku Mad made up of Chris Ferguson and Patrick Driscoll who used bass guitars, launchpads and drums to create their signature sound.

But finding any of this music was an ordeal, but with the remastered versions I finally had the opportunity to listen to this music in high quality.

The first album that I listened to was Organic Thoughts from the Synthetic Mind It started off with Yukon, a great Prologue that sounds like it was sampled from Boards of Canada, another Canadian based electronic Band.

Off the album I particularly liked Demon Dogs and Dinner for the Monkey King which both had phenomenal bass lines and great vocals.

One of the songs that particularly stands out is Continental Drift which has vocals entirely made from samples and has a eerie vibe.

The second album simply labeled Shinjuku Mad it starts off with the song Cure for Fear, a really odd track that doesn’t make too much sense, the second song however is great and has an amazing beat and a catchy chorus.

The third song, Resistor, is particularly interesting to listen to because it was later reworked into the song Dreamcast, a softer more instrumental version of the song.     

 Both of these albums were phenomenal and it was great to finally listen to some new Blank Banshee music.