TRAILER WATCH: IT Chapter 2 doesn’t clown around


Just last night an official trailer for the new movie in the IT saga, IT Chapter 2 dropped, and they were not clowning around with the horror and suspense built into these three minutes of terror.

Only one room and one horror scene is shown in this trailer, but that was more than enough for me to become completely invested in this new movie. The horror from this one scene was scarier than any scene in the first IT film.

The terror of being in a room with a demon dressed as a grandmother is nothing short of pure horror. The creepy actions of the grandma emphasized by the rigid and possessed nature of her movements made my skin crawl.

While the trailer didn’t show much, viewers did get a glimpse at an awesome scene that showed all the original characters grown up and reunited. This was really cool, and follows how the original IT (1990) television mini-series went. However, this is a little bittersweet, because the original cast was part of the reason the first movie was so amazing.

Seeing this trailer definitely made all my excitement heat up again, and with an early September release, we won’t have to wait too long.