Roseville High School sophomore Aly Pugliani will be taking a family and education-based trip to Japan over her summer break. While overseas, Pugliani will be enrolled at a Japanese school along with exchange students from different areas.

“I emailed a school and asked them if there was any way I could go to a school for about two months to see what it’s like,” Pugliani said. “Surprisingly I got an answer of ‘yeah go ahead, we’ll get you some uniforms and get everything set up for you.’”

Pugliani has been to Japan in the past because some of her family members still live on the island.

“I’m half Japanese so I have a lot of family over there, I usually go back every other year,” Pugliani said.

According to Pugliani, when going from the culture of mainstream America to traditional Japanese culture, there is a lot of differences to take in and recognize.

“It’s a big culture shock, when I first went there it was crazy. I couldn’t really understand Japanese as well but I’ve improved a lot since then,” Pugliani said. “They’re really friendly and warm but at the same time it’s just different because I’d go up to my friends and wanna give them a hug and they’re like, ‘What are you doing? Are you okay?’”

Pugliani recognizes that the content may be similar to her RHS education but will be taught in a different way.

“I think what I’ll be learning mostly is just like in any other school, but they’ll be teaching me more of how school works in Japan and what really to expect,” Pugliani said.

Not only is Pugliani looking forward to the education itself but is also ready to meet new people.

“There’s going to be a Swedish exchange student, a German exchange student, an exchange student from Belgium and then me from the U.S.,” Pugliani said. “I have a few friends I’m in contact with, they say, ‘Hey this is who I am, I’m gonna be your buddy at this school.’”

According to Pugliani, while she is excited to go to a Japanese school she also cannot wait to get to visit different places throughout Japan.

“I’m probably going to Harajuku, going around Tokyo, look at different stores, lots of shopping, and I’ll look at some castles and temples there,” Pugliani said.