TRAILER WATCH: Spider-Man Far From Home



Note: the following Trailer Watch contains spoilers for Avengers: End Game.


Just this week we were spun up with excitement after viewing the newly released Spider-Man: Far From Home official trailer. After nearly two years of anticipation, it’s finally here. The movie is set for an early July release and I absolutely can not contain my energy for this film.

Strung throughout the trailer we get to see a plethora of Spider-Man suits. The first one that audiences get to see is the classic Spider-Man suit which was introduced in Captain America: Civil War. Fans were really excited to see this suit, but it had nowhere near the impact as the other suits shown.

After the passing of his lifelong mentor, Tony Stark, a broken Peter Parker kept the Iron Spider suit that Stark designed for him and wore it while he fought crime in his memory which was showcased early on in the trailer, and definitely pulled on the heart strings. However, the coolest suit we saw in the trailer was Spider-Man Stealth Suit which is all black with some white accents, and it shows up impeccably on the screen and leaves me foaming at the mouth to see more.

After a botched field trip to Italy, Spider-Man finds himself fighting out of his weight class against these huge elemental villains. However, just for this we get to see a character that many MCU fans have been waiting their whole lives to see swing onto the big screen, Mysterio. This character was done perfectly in the visual aspects. Being that we only have the trailer to go off of, I don’t have the slightest clue as to how the character will be played and or portrayed. The visual graphics were like eye candy and gave me literal goosebumps when he appeared on screen.

This movie looks to be one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movies to date, and as more footage of the movie gets put out, the movie keeps looking better and better.