Investigation pending Coach Cunha

RHS varsity football coach Larry Cunha has been placed on administrative leave pending an ongoing investigation involving alleged misconduct with a student.

RJUHSD has hired a third party investigator to review the matter further and report factual findings to guide their response. In an interview with KCRA3, assistant superintendent of personnel services, Brad Basham explained that this should ensure the investigation regarding a prominent staff member be impartial as possible.

Basham also maintains that RJUHSD strives to provide an environment where students do not feel uncomfortable to report situations like this.

“Unprofessional conduct that does not respect appropriate boundaries between students and employees will not be tolerated in our schools,” said Basham.

According to RHS interim principal Suzanne Laughrea, the investigation involves a minor and the investigation is ongoing, limited information can be shared.

“Our primary goal is to ensure that we have a safe and respectful environment for Roseville High students,” Laughrea said in an email to students and parents.

Cunha has coached football at RHS for over three decades and has coached famous alumni including Teddy Bruschi, Jordan Kunaszyk and Kolton Miller.


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