Teachers struggle with, adapt to noise generated by construction on campus


As the weather heats up, students and teachers in the portables must tolerate the heat in and outside of the classroom. Teachers in portable classrooms used to open their doors to fight this heat.

Now with the construction, portable teachers have to choose whether to withstand the heat or open their doors and withstand the noise.

Teachers Doug Ash and Jon Coleman, who have classrooms adjacent to the construction must adapt to the clamor right outside their classroom.

“The volume of the construction equipment is detrimental to any of the classrooms that surround it,” Coleman said. “That’s the portables and the 900’s that all face the construction site. The noise is awesomely loud.”

And with Coleman’s classroom being the closest to the construction, the noise makes it hard for him to accomplish basic teaching responsibilities.

“[The noise] makes it hard to have a conversation with my students because I’m fighting the tractor who is moving two yards of dirt. And right now, I want to talk about economics,” Coleman said.

Math teacher Doug Ash’s classroom is further away from the construction and he chooses to keep the door closed to keep the noise out, however he still finds it intrusive.

“The construction noise at times can be loud,” Ash said. “I am a little bit better off in my situation because I’m a little further away from the construction sight and I never have my door open… so the noise isn’t super bad”

Teachers are not the only ones putting up with the noise. Sophomore Tessa Aspling-Roberson feels that the noise can be very distracting and fighting the heat in the portables as well is difficult to manage.

“In [my] portables the door is always open and the noise can really distract everyone and we are always asking to close the door. But eventually it gets too hot and then you’ve got to open the door again. But it’s always loud whether the door is open or closed,” Roberson said. “It’s just distracting.”