BENNETT: Goodbye Lake Roseville, somehow you will be missed


Dear Lake Roseville,

Oh how I’ll miss you. In truth I didn’t even get to say goodbye. You were all dried up the last day I walked through the staff parking lot with a camera and a source, trying to find a place to escape the noise of construction workers putting up fences. Alas, I could not, and the noise plagues said interview.

But I did not process that these fences would mean I would indeed never see you again. I still believed it would merely take a couple rainy days for us to reconvene. And it’s almost sad to think that the last time I saw you, I didn’t even know it would be the last time.

Truly, you are a memorable part of any RHS student, staff or parent’s experience of this school.

The days a parent drives in for an after school activity only to find their car a foot deep in water, and maybe their calf as well if they were really inattentive. The many days teachers contended with you taking up a sizable portion of their parking.

The days most students took an extra long path to reach their classes to avoid getting drenched.

The day one distracted student finds themself walking into your depths, forgetting to take the roundabout route. The days a student intentionally wades through the water for… no good reason I can think of but I believe that was probably the point.

The days you have made an appearance in Eye of the Tiger, discussing your inclusion (or lack thereof) in our yearly FIT report.

You were a geographical landmark, an ecosystem and a catchy name all wrapped up in one.

You were a part of our campus culture. And much like someone misses their old, dying phone for its many quirks and frustrating lack of efficiency, I will miss you.


Danielle Bennett
Eye of the Tiger