HUMANS OF RHS: Gavin Valdemoro


Freshman Gavin Valdemoro is a theater kid through and through. Currently acting in an Roseville Theater Arts Academy production of West Side Story, Valdemoro got his first taste of the spotlight when his middle school put on a production of Seussical.
As a member of the cast, Valdemoro is fostering connections with fellow castmates and creating lasting bonds, all while dipping his toes into learning to dance — an art in which he has little experience. With the support of his castmates, Valdemoro is slowly, but surely, improving.

–  Nicole Khudyakov


“I really like being on stage and working with other people, [and] meeting new people. It’s mainly the experience and putting in these amazing productions that give me joy. We just started rehearsals last week. I’m actually dancing in this production. I’m not really a good dancer, so it’s building on this skill. I’m really happy. The choreographer, she is an excellent teacher. And there are some others that are more experienced than I am, which I learn from them as well. I’m getting better as I go along.”