BRIEF: New AP registration deadlines




Starting next school year, new AP registration deadlines will begin to take effect. For students starting an AP class in the fall, the window to sign up for an exam is between September 15 and October 1. Students who start an AP class in the spring will have the chance to sign up between February 15 and March 1.

Students in year long AP block classes, like AP Euro and APUSH, must adhere to the fall deadline, as their classes begin prior to the spring.

Along with the deadline changes, students will have to register for the exams online.

AP Stats teacher Chaudra Wood believes the purpose of the new deadlines is to encourage more students to enroll in advanced classes.

“I think the purpose of what they were looking for is and from what I’ve read online is that they were hoping that it would cause the students to put in more effort into the class and have a lot more people take it because I think a lot of the students who take classes in the fall, don’t end up taking the exam in the spring,” Wood said.