Seniors reel in film fantasies


Careful cinematography and well-placed state lights are only part of what drives a film forward.

Student directors Sophia Applebaum and Madi King bring passion and excitement to their self-produced films and prove that it doesn’t always take a professional director and camera crew to create art.

Their ideas originate from a closer source than the movie capital of Hollywood.

Seniors Madi King and Sophia Applebaum act in their own self-directed short films. Their most recent and elaborate series is based on the adventures of original character, Timmy Westside.

The duo started making short films in eighth grade.

Their movies would be written on-the-spot, as an exercise in improvisation.

As would the story, props and characters.

Throughout the years the duo planned, improvised, and edited their own films – typically for themselves to watch and laugh at, as part of a joke.

“We liked to get a solid idea for a movie down, then we filmed it. It was pretty much improv. It was like acting on what our idea was, and then we’d expand on that,” Applebaum said.

Nowadays, the two produce independent movies with much more prep; they have characters, stories and basic writing to guide their way.

“I feel as though my acting skills progressed throughout each film,” Applebaum said. “I definitely feel that our concepts and movie ideas matured as we matured.”

Although making movies is no easy feat, especially without the backing of a professional crew to rely on, the two seniors see it as just another challenge on their way to a successful film.


Most recently, King and Applebaum created two films to show their friends, both revolving around an original character named Timmy Westside.

“I think [Timmy Westside] was definitely our best concept so far, and it’s really fun to make.

We’ve already had the idea so it was more building on the characters,” King said.

Thus far, the Timmy Westside films are their proudest work, and the film series they enjoy showcasing most to various family members and friends.

King and Applebaum often use the time they spend hanging out with their friends to premiere their movies and other various film projects.

The films are always big hit and the focal anticipation of their get togethers, according to senior Paige Pickard.

“I think that they’re really funny […] they’re just naturally funny people and it really shows through the movie. The talent just comes through them.” Pickard said.

The two plan on producing even more films until they part ways for college.