Queue cutters should not be tolerated

School admin needs to step in and enforce etiquette


Imagine this: you’re in your third period class, the bell is about to ring for lunch and you are excited to get in line early and get your lunch. Well think again.

In reality, the bell rings and you meander your way through the crowd of people in the art wing.

You are near the amphitheater in a few seconds and you start to go a little bit faster toward the cafeteria so as to not spend your half hour of allotted time waiting to get your lunch. You make it just in time as a bunch of students flood the cafeteria.

But you notice something strange.

You’ve been standing in line for a few minutes now and the line hasn’t moved at all.

And then you see it.

That one dude in the line letting his 20 friends in, cutting everyone, wasting everyone’s time, all so they can grab their lunch. And now the line is a few minutes longer.

A few minutes is inconvenient for people. It takes so much precious time out of your day.

The brief lunch period is, well, brief enough as it is without these kind of interruptions.

But do you want to know what the best part is?

For some reason, no monitor in the cafeteria seems to notice it. It’s almost coincidental sometimes.

I have not been the only victim to these problems however. There are plenty of students on campus who are frustrated because people can’t simply wait 5 minutes for their turn in line. Now you may think that it is “not that bad.”

But if you think about it, we get one lunch a day, whether it’s first or second and some of us have to go to club meetings or want to hang out with our friends or just actually have time to eat.

Again and again, I see teachers become frustrated when students bring their lunch to class. Most of the time, it isn’t their fault whatsoever. And I simply don’t think the wrath is deserved.

I understand not wanting a mess in your classroom, but teachers must consider that it’s not like students want to eat lunch during class. It just so happens that lunch lines become so unmanageable that it becomes the only option.

RHS should place more of a focus on preventing students from cutting lunch lines.

There should be more awareness on the part of administrators to ensure students are following rules in the lunch line. It is unfair for abiding students to waste an entire lunch period simply because we’ve become too complacent to do anything about line cutters.