HUMANS OF RHS: Hannah Bettencourt



Hannah Bettencourt is using her first year of high school to her advantage. As a freshman, Bettencourt entered high school with only a tentative plan. She quickly shed her middle school habits, and involved herself in organized sports – an extracurricular option that once held little of her interest during her days at Buljan Middle School. The connections she’s made as a long distance track and field runner have helped Bettencourt assimilate into high school life.

– Nicole Khudyakov




“I just wanted to do something and I always wanted to run. I like it, I like the people. I’ve made a lot of friends [and] we always run together and we’re a lot closer because we go through the same things everyday and attend practice and whatnot. I like the people I hang out with at track and it’s fun competing. I [also like] the coaches, the way they’re willing to help us.”