TRAILER WATCH: Once Upon A Time calls out big time Hollywood stars




As soon as Quentin Tarantino announced that his last movie ever would be coming out mid 2019, many people were hoping for a Kill Bill vol.3 to finish out the trilogy. But soon after, it was confirmed to be called Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. A movie that depicts a fictional 1960’s Hollywood and pokes fun at the environment that surrounded the huge superstar actors at the time. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie and it was no surprise that the trailer for this screams classic Tarantino.

He always seems to be at the front line of controversy in the nature of his movies and now his latest topic is the depiction of the Manson family and the effect they had in that time, I highly doubt they are going to name them by name or be historically accurate but it is confirmed that certain characters in the movie will represent them and it will be interesting in how big of a part they will have in the movie.

The famous dark humor in his films is clearly represented in the trailer and promises to be throughout the movie. The best part of the trailer is the character made to be a parody of kung fu legend Bruce Lee and it’s awesome to see him represented on the silver screen again. The ‘kung fu’ movie genre has definitely died out and I hope that there will be some of those tones sprinkled throughout the movie.