Scheduling of sports limits player participation



Golf and baseball are two sports that can go hand-in-hand, yet currently, boys can’t play both sports due to the fact that they are both spring sports. Girls golf plays at the start of fall making it a fall sport, pushing boys golf to be during the spring.

Why can’t both girls and guys play at the same time? Why do girls get it in the fall and not the boys? Why can you not play two sports at the same time? Playing two sports at the same time could fix this problem because it would help eliminate the need to move golf to the fall. It would allow students to play both of their sports.

The only problem with this idea is the necessary time commitment, and not being able to commit to two different sports at the same time.

As a baseball player, I am a one sport athlete in high school, but play golf on my own in my free time.

When I came into high school, my goal was to change to a two sport athlete and play both baseball and golf. So, when I heard that golf was at the same time as baseball, I got upset. This meant I would have to choose just one of the two sports that I play, rather than being able to play what I want.

With golf and baseball being so similar, this problem affects many baseball players.

If the golf season could simply be moved to the fall, the golf team would gain many new, eager players who would be truly interested in the sport. Not only would this help the golf team, but it would help aid students who want to play another sport that they could be really good at, and encourage them to play multiple sports.

Some students who would like to try new things may like to try a new sport like golf, and a lot of these kids that want to attempt these new sports are students that play baseball, but can’t with both of them being at the same time.

The decision to move boys golf to the fall season is not one that can be done by the school, this is a decision that has to be done by the SJS. To move the sport of golf to a new season it would require moving every school’s golf season to the fall because each opponent will need people to play.

By putting golf and baseball at different times of the year, more boys could be pushed to be multi-sport athletes, and golf could see a rise in participation.