Comedian Nate Bargatze picks up heat


A once little known, but now up and rising comedian Nate Bargatze has just released his new Netflix special and it is nothing short of amazing. After his official Netflix debut in the comedy special The Standups, he quickly became a fan favorite and completely stole the show. After watching him, he made all of the other comedians in the show look like jokes.

This however wasn’t his first time in comedy. He had been doing comedy shows for several years but caught his rise to fame of of Netflix’s new comedy boom. He had two previous stand ups, Yelled at by a Clown (2014) and Full Time Magic (2015) that did great, but only in a small amount of people that viewed it. His comedy and deadpan humor in these stand ups were hilarious with a splash of something new, but there just wasn’t a large audience for comedy at the time of their release.

After he stole the stage at The Standups, he began popping up all over and even found his way onto The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. After crushing it there, he just began growing and growing until he found himself on a solo Netflix special called The Tennessee Kid , which crushed it! Netflix subscribers all around the world were rolling on the floor in laughter, so was my family and I. His deadpan humor and his dumbed down view of the world is not only hilarious it also is quite insightful.

He made a joke in his stand-up addressing the topic of global warming and how he had no idea what global warming was or what it was about, but when he addresses the condition of other planets he states “They haven’t started and we’re almost done.”  This was said in a joking manner but still left you thinking and was a defiant, insightful, and clever joke to add.

Bargatze continues to amaze with his always enjoyable humor and funny mannerisms that leave the audience gasping for air after laughter.