Stranger Things Season 3 trailer looks stranger than ever


One of the best Netflix original shows ever released, Stranger Things, dropped the official trailer to their upcoming third season, which looks as if it’s going to be nothing short of fantastic.

The trailer gave all the waiting fans everything that they had been expecting, from beautiful action scenes all the way to comedic gold. The first thing worth a mention that all viewers like myself probably noticed was how much older the whole cast appeared to be.

Being that there was about a year gap between the last time we saw our heroes in the amazing second season and the release of this trailer, it is quite expected that we would see a difference in the appearance of our characters.

Fans also got to see almost everything that will be coming in the newest season, except a clear villain.  If you watched the trailer, you would’ve seen the giant, salivating, demogorgon like beast at the end.

However, we have seen demogorgons for the past two seasons, and with the amazing story writers, directors, and cinematographers, I’m nearly positive that they wouldn’t bore us with the same antagonist for a third time, and that gets me really excited for what they have in store for this new season.

We also got to see a plethora of other things such as Eleven, one of our main protagonists, bleeding from her nose, using an extent of her powers, and rocking long hair. We then revisit Billy, one of the main antagonists of season two and instant fan favorite with a troubling growth on his arm, that can only lead us viewers to the conclusion that something big is on the horizon.

Fans are stunned by a huge explosion in a mall, toasting several workers by sizzling and rapid electricity. Directly after images of a giant boosted version of a demogorgon appear.

This season looks scary, exhilarating, and everything in between. I am falling out of my seat in anticipation, and I think it goes without saying that I am very excited to see Stranger Things 3.