DEL VALLE TONOIAN: Don’t be complacent – you can be heard


Like many others, I was shocked when I heard our principal was leaving, devastated even. It’s hard to think about walking across the stage next year and graduating without him being there. I can only imagine how seniors this year must feel.

Every cloud has its silver lining though and luckily we, as a student body, get the privilege to be a part of the selection process for the new principal.

A group of students, including myself, who were selected by department and program leads got the opportunity to speak with district officials at lunch about what we want (and what they don’t want) to see in the new hire.

We were fed pizza, Sunchips and there were drinks o’ plenty. But most importantly, we were heard.

I don’t think I can express how great it felt to actually be heard. Sometimes I feel like I’m yelling into the void, but this time, my suggestions were being written down.
Students don’t seem to get a say in much outside of voting for whatever king and queen of whichever dance.

I’m lucky enough to be a part of a program that strives in information gathering, so I tend to know a little more about what’s going on behind the scenes than most students.

Some of the things I learn attending board meetings and reading emails is information that I believe students deserve to know. Yet rarely do students attend said meetings.

All the meetings are public, and the agenda is published online ahead of time. Instead of going once your entire life as a student for community service hours, go and get involved. Although the board is not allowed to respond to audience to visitors speeches, they are allowed to take whatever is said in account for future meetings.

Just last Thursday, I attended a board meeting. It was packed with students from CP Government. Just their luck the topic of school safety was being discussed so, for a rare occurrence, students were actually asked for input.

If students attend meetings regularly, they could be heard.

I’ll be 18 this year, I will be able to vote in the 2020 election. I’ve never had a doubt in my plan to vote, but… others have.

Friends not sure why they would want to vote because, “It doesn’t matter anyway.” Except it does. Don’t fall into complacency from your childhood of being told “no.”
You CAN have a voice. You just have to USE IT.