Closed campus shuts off opportunity


We have all seen those teen movies and shows in which during lunch students are able to leave and go get food off campus. So why can’t that be a reality?

I was pondering this question when my mother actually brought this up to me and how when she was in high school, she was able to drive to a fast food place and get a milkshake before heading back to school and finishing her classes.

It was a harsh reality to grip when I realized after transferring to Roseville that not only are there many quaint food stops nearby such as Nubbins, but we as students are not allowed to visit these stops during the one break we have of the day – lunch.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that the school at the least provides us food, but most of us students don’t find it to be the most enjoyable. Also, many of the students at the school have diets that the school cannot attend to and if just going to get a simple order of fries at Nubbins is what it takes to get through the day, I feel students should be allowed to have that privilege.

Also, a change in the pace of the heavy school workload could have many benefits for students. Like many others, I often feel the need to fall asleep in class and even during lunch, the dreary look on the many other students’ faces itches at the bags under my eyes.

Having an open campus during lunch would give students much of a brain refresher as they would have the opportunity to be with friends and get food outside of the not always appetizing lunch foods and refresh before going back to class.

Often times school can seem like a prison and having a closed campus during the whole day feeds into that “prison-like” mentality. And as someone who will be turning eighteen in the beginning of their senior year, it is quite frankly pathetic that I am bound to the crowded cafeteria for the rest of the time I have left at RHS. I believe I, and many others, should have the choice to leave campus to grab food.

Administration will often argue that allowing students this privilege of an open campus lunch will result in students not returning for the remainder of their classes. However, I believe that giving students this responsibility and trust will motivate them more to return to their classes, and if not, then they know the consequences and they will potentially fail the class, and that should be on them.

Why should both middle school and high school students be allotted the same lunch privilege?

On the contrary, I understand many of admins concerns and realize it would be difficult to keep track of all students during an off campus lunch. I, however, do believe that upperclassman students that deserve this off campus privilege should be able to have one.

If we were able to have an open campus during lunch for at least upperclassman, those who have cars would be able to stop at Nubbins or a fast food joint to eat lunch.

Admin and teachers, in the end realize that students’ lives don’t always revolve around school and during the rigorous days full of tests and lectures, students should be allowed the privilege of freedom for their lunch time.