Buck & Sadie’s: Comfort food that’s sure to satisfy



The Bacon Me Love You and the Potato Cheese Balls at American comfort food restaurant Buck & Sadie’s.

Owned and operated by RHS parents, the Phillips family, Buck & Sadie’s is a stereotypical American comfort food restaurant with a side of southern twang serving burgers, dogs, wings and finger foods.

Buck & Sadie’s follows an untraditional yet growing model of fast-casual-food with counter service. The prices are a bit high for a burger joint, but it’s worth it. Buck & Sadie’s offers a more appealing atmosphere and more sides than just fries, which I’ll come back to later.

First up, the burger. As recommended to be by the owners’ son, Oliver Phillips, a senior at RHS, I ordered the Bacon Me Love You ($11.99). The meat between the perfectly golden buns was juicy to no compare. Wonderfully flavorful, it’s backed up by the battered onion strips, applewood smoked bacon and just enough barbecue sauce. And the cheese- perfectly melted.

The wings ($6.99 – $27.50) matched, if not topped the quality and taste of the burger. Their tender fall off the bone chicken wings meet with the 10 rub and sauce options. My personal favorite is the Louisiana Rub.

For my side I chose the potato cheese balls ($6.00). Like a giant tater-tot with creamy cheese inside, the quality of my side matched my burger, and beyond. I paired that with one of their many different sauce options. Some of my other favorites sides offered include the jalapeño bottle caps, mini deep-fried pretzels and of course their fries. They offer their fries with several toppings including cheese, pesto, chili and jalapeño.

And to top it all off they have an assortment of dipping sauces like: bleu cheese, jalapeño ranch, Mama’s Sauce, Shanty Sauce and of course the two classics, barbeque sauce and ranch. None of which you can go wrong with.

Buck & Sadie’s is my go-to comfort food restaurant in Roseville. With a comfortable atmosphere and food that’s sure to satisfy, Buck & Sadie’s is a great choice for a night out.