Boys tennis gets two new coaches



New tennis coaches Michael Cerecedes and Teri Lacey recently took over RHS’s varsity tennis team, both now coaching their sons on the team.


This year, Roseville High School’s tennis team will be introducing two new coaches to the program, Michael Cerecedes and Teri Lacey. This decision came after longtime tennis coach Donny Nush decided to vacate the position and allow another coach to run the program. According to Cerecedes, he was encouraged to be RHS’s new coach because his sons, seniors Max and Cooper Cerecedes, have both played on the tennis team for four years and he wanted to coach them their last season.

“My boys are seniors this year and I’ve been coaching them for 15 years now in all their sports,” Cerecedes said. “When the opportunity came and we didn’t have a coach I decided to take it.”

One of his sons, Max Cerecedes, believes that his dad has a lot to offer to the team from experience, and can help them continue onto playoffs.

“He gives a new perspective on the sport,” Max said. “He can help us a lot with lineup and helping teach the new freshman and sophomores how to play the sport correctly which can hopefully take us far this season.”

Teammate Christian Park agrees and believes that since the pair has coached and played for so long they provide a new source of knowledge on the sport and can give more feedback to players.

“The coaches have been doing a really good job so far because they’ve both been coaches in the past so they have a good understanding of what to do and what to tell us,” Park said. “They’re both very accepting and work with everybody regardless of skill level.”

Now looking onto the season, Michael Cerecedes has high hopes for his new team.

“The biggest hope for this team is to make playoffs,” Michael said. “The last two years they’ve been one match short and they haven’t been in the playoffs since about the ‘80’s, so it could be a big year for them.”